Why Eckhart Tolle?

Eckhart Tolle has been a key spiritual teacher for me. Next to blue-green algae, I’m sure I’ve recommended his work more than anything or anyone else I’ve ever run across. This is because his teachings are, as he says, ‘so simple a child could understand.’ As it turns out, most of us–myself included–have gotten it wrong most of our lives.

Yet, “wrong” is–in light of his teachings–an observation, not a damnation. When presence is paramount, paradox often arises, and we develop the ability to be still even in the midst of it. This is very exciting! It truly is an evolutionary leap in human consciousness: a leap that we and the planet need.

In particular I have found Practicing the Power of Now (a companion to The Power of Now) very helpful. Both my partner and myself have benefited immeasurably from listening to the audio books repeatedly over many years, as well as Tolle’s recorded talks. Another paradox: the repetition does not get boring in the least! Quite the opposite: just as with all profound spiritual texts (don’t let the popularity of Eckhart Tolle scare you off) repeated reading reveals ever deeper meaning and relevance.

To Engage…

You can jump in anywhere with Eckhart Tolle’s teachings, but here are a few starting points: