Why PAX?

Once upon a time I believed that happiness in relationships meant finding the “right person.” In many ways this is true, but equally true is the importance of being the right person.

PAX helped me to see how I could contribute proactively to finding and maintaining healthy relationships with men and women, in both my personal and professional life. Their programs also helped me to understand why it is important to get those needs met. It’s not a question of being selfish or self-serving, rather, it’s about clarifying communication and that means being willing to entertain the idea that maybe I need help to understand things from a man’s perspective, and that I had plenty to learn about women too, including myself. It’s about healing the rift between the sexes by starting with myself.

My Experience With PAX

In 2011 I was dating someone I really liked, but his life was in tremendous flux, and I was having a hard time with his shiftiness. A caring friend recommended the work of Alison Armstrong and PAX, and explained that she had learned in their programs that a young man simply can’t in good faith commit to a relationship when his own life is unstable.

After attending the Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women workshop (now called The Queen’s Code), I was able to show up for the relationship more fully, to better appreciate his position as a man (different from women!), and when he did finally move out of town, I shed a few tears and genuinely wished him the best in the next chapter of his life.

Years later I continue to see the wisdom of the insights I learned as I continue to apply those insights in my current relationships. I look forward to learning more from the network of great workshop facilitators, and incredibly insightful recorded talks.

And by the way, the Understanding Women DVD set was just as surprising and revolutionary to me as the workshop in which I learned about men! I have a much deeper appreciation for the needs of myself and other women.

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