Love Army logoSo many emotions cloud the real and present need to respond–rather than react–to the executive order that many are calling a Muslim ban. But hate is not sustainable, whether it’s coming from the office of the president or from me in reaction. So, I’m sharing with you an email I received from the Van Jones organized group #LoveArmy.

Participate in some or all of these steps they sent in their email. One of my senators, Feinstein, doesn’t take messages at her capital number during off hours, so I tried her local office, only to find that the ‘box is full,’ I so had to send her an email.

In addition, consider signing the Impeachment petition.

Below is the original text of the email I received.

Felicia —

Trump’s latest blitzkrieg is designed to “shock and awe” us into fear and silence.

But he doesn’t know us. He doesn’t know how strong and determined are those of us who believe in freedom.

That’s why his schemes are already backfiring.

His unlawful decrees are sparking a massive fight back. Thousands are headed to airports, to protest in solidarity with the banned and the detained.

This is the moment to stand up for what we know is right.

Good people cannot sit on the sidelines.

We’re calling on all members of the #LoveArmy to:

  1. Join a demonstration in your area.  There are dozens happening all over the country.  Print out #LoveArmy signs. Bring or make your own. Bring some food and water to share. Share your photos and videos with the hashtag #LoveArmy — so we can re-share! 

  2. Call your elected representatives. Dial this number and it will route you to your representative: 202-224-3121.  Let them know that you oppose the #MuslimBan and you expect them to do everything in their power to stop it.  

  3. Donate to frontline organizations, like the International Refugee Assistance Project, delivering critical assistance to refugees and immigrants

This is an attack on the Muslim community.  This is an attack on our values. And we will not let Trump transform America to fit within his nightmare vision.  

It is time for us all to rise up and fight back against fear and hatred.  We must love and protect each other.

In solidarity,

The #LoveArmy Team

(Ebony, Jenna, Jeremy, John, Kalia, Lilia, Matt, Van, and Whit)

P.S. The #LoveArmy needs you. Calling all social media mavens and digital video masters. Please post your best photos and videos using #LoveArmy. 

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So that’s the helpful email I received. I think for the months or maybe even years ahead we’ll have to get used to protests being a normal part of our lives…like going to a movie or on a hike. I think I’ll put together a protest backpack, with BG Bars, water, an extra sweater, a journal…etc. to have on hand. Here’s a link to a more complete list for those who really want to be prepared.

P.S. The ACLU is urging people to know your rights. They also have apps to report police conduct available in many states.