How to Order

Algae Ordering Guide; download to your device for easy reference.

1: Choose Your Products

I suggest that you start off with the “Essentials” box (or the “Wild Essentials” if you’re feeling…wild.) If you want to get to know more about a variety of options here at the outset, check out the More About Algae page. If you don’t currently have a line of probiotics and digestive enzymes you love, the best way to start is with two boxes of Essentials packets. Each box contains 30 packets. Each packet contains five capsules, that is, one each of the following:

  • Body (basic algae)
  • Mind (basic algae concentrated)
  • Enzymes (to help assimilate algae and other foods optimally)
  • Aciophilus (a common probiotic for the upper intestine)
  • Bifidus (a common probiotic for the lower intestine)

If you want to go whole hog, order individual bottles to your heart’s content. The Body and Mind (basic algae) are available in tablets (super easy to swallow) or vegi capsules. Everything else is in vegi capsules.

I do recommend adding in a box of super tasty BG Bars and/or a bottle of our luscious Nutrabeautiful lotion.

Price List

2: Pick Your Price


If you just want to try the products, period, then call up the company and tell them you want to order as a “Retail Customer.”

Preferred Customer, 10% Off

Become a “Preferred Customer,” which means you need to set up an “automatic reorder” or “autoship” for no less than $50 of products at least quarterly (or bi-monthly or monthly).

Associate, 20% Off

With this version, you are under no obligation to sell anything, but rather, you can if you want to once you have signed up and paid the relatively modestly priced signup fee required for all new associate members ($50, renewed annually). An autoship is suggested, but not required. What is also required is a signed “Independent Associate Agreement,” which the company provides.

3: Place Your Order

Call 800-800-1300 during Pacific Standard Time business hours and place an order over the phone. Tell them Felicia Chavez sent you (my secret code is 1028831).

And yes, there is a 90-day Money Back Guarantee!

“Can I order online?”

Yes, but I suggest keeping this web page handy, and/or downloading the Life Like Honey Algae Ordering Guide to help get oriented to the plethora of options on my lovely website. 🙂

“How does this work?”

When you order from New Earth, I get some money. Instead of a huge advertising budget, the company sends money in the form of commissions to individual “membership representatives,” like me. This allows me to spend more time doing what I love: talking about the products I adore to people who need high quality nutritional support. (If you ask me, that would be everybody.)

More About Algae or Contact Me with any questions.


90-day Money Back Guarantee!