Why use YNAB?

My New Year’s resolution in 2012 was to get my financial picture in order once and for all. It wasn’t easy! However, finding YNAB made this resolution achievable, and even a little fun.

If you use this link or any other on Life Like Honey to take you to the YNAB website, you’ll receive $6.00 off of the purchase price (and they kindly send me $6!).

It wasn’t that I was a chronic spender or overdrawing my bank account on a regular basis (just sometimes!), but I knew I had room for improvement. The friendly user interface and the free webinars sealed the deal.

It took me a good year of just tracking before I ventured into the previously uncharted territory of actually budgeting my money, but I was a slow learner!  With the help of the occasional tutorial for tune-ups, YNAB is the key to personal financial management with integrity: meeting commitments, plugging leaks, and realistic future planning.

YNAB also does something magical I can’t quite put my finger on. Check out some of the testimonials on their website, and then try it for yourself.



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