Introduction To Sustainability is in some ways an extension of Life Like Honey. Why a whole separate website? Because this topic is so big, it needs it!

Here on Life Like Honey I define “sustainability” in the broadest possible sense: not broad as in watered down, but rather, broad and deep; deep green, and deep clean.

The contents of my tiered recommendations in this section might surprise you. Tier 2 includes Inner Space Therapy (IST) practitioners and Space Clearers: people who have the know-how and the means to help you clear out “old stuff” from your subtle bodies, and to “clean” the subtle layers of your house. (If I had a recommendation for ways of identifying high quality massage therapists, this would fit here as well.)

So, check out Introduction to Sustainability for “sustainability-proper.” Then dig deep in tiers 2-4 of LLH to find those unexpected gems.

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