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The wonderful world of relationships is heartily tackled by Alison Armstrong, founder of PAX (which means “peace”). This is one instance in which the quality of the service is reflected in the price: you need a budget to attend these workshops. However, there are free and low-cost bits that one can glean, and the money you invest is an investment in the entire rest of your life! (And by the way, there are programs for both men and women.)

The Cost

Affordable products include an e-book, and occasional free introductory teleconferences that are packed full of tremendous insight. Their website lists a number of free resources that will help you get a sense of the unique and powerful nature of these teachings. Recorded talks and workshops are also for sale: still quite pricey for many, but each one is so educational and insightful, it can dramatically change your life for the better. They are, in a sense, priceless!

The PAX teachings have validated my intuitions about the motivations of men (and women), and illuminated far more that I never, ever, ever would have guessed.

My Experience

For example, a few years ago I participated in the introductory training. (It used to be called Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women, but is now called “The Queens Code Workshop.” Later courses also include this Queen title but this one is the prerequisite.)  Thanks to this workshop, I now understand that when my partner is TO’d that I didn’t ask for help and instead carried the groceries in all by myself, it’s because he wants, or even needs me to rely on him for a good handful of things. If he can’t be of help to me, it basically invalidates his presence. (I also can’t help but remember that my little brother was always so ready to help anyone who simply asked graciously.) It’s not a control thing, it’s a man thing! (Translating this into the language of astrology, Mars needs to be in service. Otherwise his life energy gets misdirected.)

Positive Personal Relationships, Positive Impact

How do my own positive relationships positively impact the world? Well, how could they not? The human mammal is inherently social; we simply malfunction when isolated and alone. I’m not sure how to say this more clearly: PEOPLE MALFUNCTION WHEN ISOLATED. We don’t just have a need to be connected to other people, we have a requirement. We fall apart, go to pieces, get sick and die when we’re cut off. (Ok ok, some mystics manage to make isolation work, but they are not isolated from the Spirit, the Source, God, what have you.) Our social networks are ecosystems: we need them for life. And the higher quality my part in this ecosystem in terms of sincerity, love, and empathy, the healthier the whole network.

We Need Help

Most of us are not raised in emotionally enlightened environments; most of us. Why not take the time to learn the mysteries of the opposite sex? When I learn about men or any “other,” I dismantle my own isolation from the other. From PAX I’ve also learned the motivations behind being a female; why I feel driven to do this or not do that. I’ve also learned to spot the “cave woman” (a term Alison Armstrong uses in Understanding Women) so that I don’t overreact to her in myself and others.

Very few individuals are born knowing how to communicate with genuine sincerity, clarity and kindness with the opposite sex. I’m pretty sure that whether you are gay or straight, wealthy or cash-strapped, and no matter your age or cultural background, the bulk of the teachings offered by Alison Armstrong will revolutionize your understanding of those that are not like you. In the process you learn a lot about yourself, too. I cannot recommend these trainings highly enough, both for your own well being, and as a gift to the world.

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